VoiceArchive's use of AI showcased at industry-leading conference

VoiceArchive uses AI technology to improve workflows in voice over productions

In January 2019 Soren Arnsbo, Founder of VoiceArchive, did a presentation at the Learntec Conference in Karlsruhe (Germany), Europe’s leading conference for the digital learning industry.

He showed how VoiceArchive uses AI to optimize workflows when adapting global e-learning content into local languages. This was a sneak peek into the latest technology development in VoiceArchive, VoiceTools.ai, that will be launching later this year, and will have a portfolio of products that help customers and voice talents save time and deliver quality – every time.

The session included VoiceTools.ai examples of some of these topics:

  • Learn how to quality check voice recordings in languages you don’t understand.
  • Learn how to ensure that brand names and geographical places are pronounced correctly in foreign languages – every time.
  • Learn how to save loads of time when quality checking large voice over projects for e-learning.

On the cutting edge of technology, the VoiceArchive team has developed a tool that seamlessly allows clients to optimize the voice-over recording process. VoiceTools.ai saves time, cuts errors and allows for an ideal experience by all involved.

VoiceArchive is a global voice and sound design agency bringing your voice-over, dubbing and sound production projects to life. With over 15 years of experience delivering solutions to e-learning clients, we are committed to an honest and dependable relationship that our clients are confident in.

To be notified about the latest developments in VoiceTools and be notified and maybe onboarded on the beta version, sign up at the VoiceTools.ai website.


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