About us

We develop scalable and automized marketing tools and communication services for the future

What we do

We develop scalable and automized marketing tools and communication services for the future. We base our solutions on people rather than technology and we focus on personalization and customer engagement. By doing that we create innovative growth companies.


Why we do it

We believe relevance is the missing link in most (digital) communication. We want to change that by offering meaningful communication solutions to our customers.


Who we are

Founded in 1997 from a basement in Aarhus, Arnsbo Media (Arnsbo Group since 2019) primarily produced radio commercials and sound for tv commercials, but the product portfolio was soon expanded to other areas such as multimedia productions, audio branding, sound logos and more.

In the beginning of the new millennium Arnsbo Media became a portfolio company, where several offspring companies were created and other were acquired.

Today Arnsbo Group has a portfolio of companies offering global tech, communication and marketing solutions, and our portfolio keeps expanding, when the right opportunity arrives. Arnsbo Group holds a majority share in the following companies:


Our portfolio companies cooperate with both large international corporations – such as Google, BMW and Netflix – and small local customers. We serve more than 8.000 customers in 118 countries.

The foundation of Arnsbo Group is our amazing team of 80 people located in 5 offices based in the US, UK, South Africa, Germany and Denmark (HQ).

Arnsbo Group is privately owned by Chairman Soren Arnsbo (50%) and CEO Carsten Hjorth Pedersen (50%), while the ownership structure in each portfolio company varies, but Arnsbo Group has a controlling stake in all portfolio companies.

Søren Arnsbo, Founder & Chairman

Founder of Arnsbo Group (Arnsbo Media back then), Soren Arnsbo, is a visionary geek who loves to build companies, and has been doing that for more than 25 years – even before the term “startups” was coined.

Being a true serial entrepreneur, Soren has founded, co-founded or co-owned 18 startups – some of them successful – within such different industries as media, software, audio and video production, computer hardware and software retail, language localisations and the entertainment industry.

Arnsbo Media was his first “real baby”, founded in 1997, which he founded while studying a bachelor in economics at Aarhus School of Business.

Today in Arnsbo Group Soren’s role is the overall responsibility for all development, marketing, innovation, finance and strategy in general.

Carsten Hjorth Pedersen, CEO

Carsten’s career path has included manager positions at such large companies as Grundfos and Tetra-Pak. With an education as mechanical engineer from Aarhus School of Engineering, Carsten started as a sales engineer selling 3D-CAD/CAM & PLM software to large production companies. In 2004 he became part of an leadership trainee and executive management programme in Danish pump company Grundfos, and soon after that he became department leader in Grundfos.

In 2008 Carsten took a position as technical manager in Tetra Pak’s ice cream machine division, where he was until Soren finally managed to get him on board the Arnsbo Media family.

Carsten bought his way into Arnsbo Group in May 2009, getting half ownership and the role as CEO, which he also holds today. His main responsibilities in Arnsbo Group is overall sales, HR and strategy.

Besides being a mechanical engineer, Carsten holds a diploma in leadership from Business Academy Aarhus.

Meet our team

arnsbo group's employees in our five companies

Carsten Hjorth Pedersen

CEO and Partner, Arnsbo Group

Søren Arnsbo

Founder, Partner and Chairman of Arnsbo Group

Søren Collstrup

COO, Arnsbo Group

Anna Sticken

Global Key Account Manager, Voicearchive

Bjarne Westermann Jørgensen

Facility Assistent, Arnsbo Group

Boróka Koszpek

Sourcing Manager, Voicearchive

Casper Vive Nielsen

Sales Executive, Heyloyalty

Chi Chung So

Ingest Coordinator, Adrenaline

Cecilie Sabroe Nielsen

Client Specialist, Heyloyalty

Claus Tonnemacher

Operations Manager, Adrenaline Africa

Claus Witt

CTO and Partner, Fliva

Daniel Hübertz

COO, Fliva

David Larsen

Digital Marketing Specialist, Heyloyalty

Dennis Kofi

Project Manager, Voicearchive Africa

Ditte Flach

Client Specialist, Heyloyalty

Emanuele Latina

Head of Production, Adrenaline

Filip Rokamp

Head of Customer Success, Heyloyalty

Frank Lohmann

Project Manager, Adrenaline

Gitte Løvkvist Borch

Software Engineer, Heyloyalty

Jarrod Cooper

Senior Post Producer, Voicearchive Africa

Jeff Rasmussen

CCO, Ubivox

Jesper Thykær

Product Manager & Specialist, Heyloyalty

Jibreel Adam

Key Account Manager, Adrenaline Africa

John Harley

CEO and Partner, Adrenaline

Jonas Hvelplund Askjær

Business Development Manager, Arnsbo Group

Julia Tankiewicz

Software Engineer, Fliva

Heidi Engkjær

Business Partner | Administration, Arnsbo Group

Josh Ostwind

Project Manager, Voicearchive UK

Kasper Kolstrup

Sales Executive, Heyloyalty

Katen Barnard

Project Manager & Audio Engineer

Kennet Najbjerg

Junior Software Engineer, Heyloyalty

Laura Skriver

Project Manager, Voicearchive

Laurence Neale

Sound Engineer, Adrenaline

Lisbeth Düwel

Senior Sourcing Manager, Product Owner, Voicearchive

Marcel Hansen

Sales Development Representative, Heyloyalty

Marcos Urquiza Cabal

Project Manager, Voicearchive

Marcus D. Simonsen

IT Supporter, Arnsbo Group

Martin Bjerre Troelsen

Head of Sales and Marketing, Heyloyalty

Martin Skyum Vinther

Video Production Specialist, Fliva

Martin Stougaard Vinsten

Product & Client Specialist, Ubivox

Marvin Warden

Sourcing Manager, Adrenaline Africa

Mathias Kristensen

Software Engineer, Heyloyalty

Mathias Lynnerup Jakobsen

CTO and Partner, Voicearchive

Mette Iversen

Client Specialist, Heyloyalty

Michael Hansen

Senior Project Manager, Voicearchive

Mille Greisen

Business Partner | Finance, Arnsbo Group

Nicholas Rose

Audio Engineer, Adrenaline UK

Nicklas Hebsgaard

Junior Software Engineer, Heyloyalty

Nicolaj Balle Ladiges

CEO, Founder and Partner, Heyloyalty

Ruan Le Grange

CEO & Partner, Voicearchive Africa

Ryno Van Huyssteen

Software Developer, Voicearchive

Simon Korshøj

Head of Development, Heyloyalty

Sofie Koch Neergaard

Finance Assistant, Arnsbo Group

Sophie H. Andersen

Digital Marketing Specialist, Heyloyalty

Steen Anker Nielsen

CEO, Fliva Global RE

Thies Lorenzen

Project Manager, Voicearchive

Tina Spangsberg Petersen

Key Account Manager, Fliva

Tyrone Madiba

Post Producer, Voicearchive Africa

Wayne Hirschson

CEO, Adrenaline Africa

Our 5 Values

Arnsbo Group is a Value-driven company. The following 5 Values Constitute our Culture...

We Create WOW

We sense and show empathy for our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues.

​We go the extra mile and do the unexpected to create a WOW effect and add real value.​​

Our approach is proactive and we communicate and initiate actions ​to ensure that WOW is continuously created.


We Challenge Status Quo

We are open and curious and choose to grow.

We have the courage to continuously improve our processes, products, services, systems, people and their behavior.


We Play & Win

We want to achieve our goals by balancing huge ambitions ​with a fun and relaxing working environment​.


We Act Responsibly

We take ownership and keep our promises.

We work as one and take the necessary actions to reach common goals.


We Strive for Excellence

We make decisions of high quality and are loyal to them.

We sense when attention to details is worth the effort.

We are proud of what we do and keep striving to do better.


We expect all employees to embody the company values. To ensure this, we actually test and measure their capabilities to work according to these values. Every employee goes through a 10 week training course, designed to make clear exactly how the individual person as well as the company can benefit and grow, if everyone make the five Arnsbo Group values a natural part of their every day work.


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