Get bang for the buck with browser messages

New marketing channel at Heyloyalty with high ROI and CTR

Now you can add another strong marketing channel to your marketing setup at Heyloyalty. With Heypush you get the opportunity to make bigger revenue through marketing automation.

In the spring of 2019 Heyloyalty launched the newest addition to the potpourri of marketing automation channels in the Danish platform: Heypush.

You might know the channel as webpush, but at Heyloyalty we’ve chosen to name our new “child” Heypush. With the introduction of the new channel the possibilities of making relevant, targeted and behavioural marketing automation with Heyloyalty is expanded.

Heypush combines the mechanics of webpush and the data foundation in Heyloyalty, thus giving the Heyloyalty customers better opportunities to attract new and engage current customers.


Why is Heypush a brilliant addition to your marketing setup?

“Heypush differs from all other push tools as it gives full access to customers’ purchasing and behavioural data from their marketing automation system and eCommerce platform, which our customers can use in the communication with their customers. “ tells CEO of Heyloyalty, Nicolaj Balle Ladiges.

“We’re very excited about giving our customers a new marketing channel, which is so effective that it results in a high ROI and CTR.”

Nicolaj Balle Ladiges, CEO of Heyloyalty.

With the introduction of Heypush you can combine your email-, sms marketing and social media advertising with webpush, this gives you a unique opportunity for strong cross channel marketing.


Heypush – behind the scenes

To truly understand Heypush – you need to understand what webpush is.

Webpush is push notifications that comes through the browser. That’s why webpush is also called browser notifications.

The advantage of webpush is, that you communicate directly to your recipients in real time. There are no delays between you pushing the message and your customer getting it – if they have the browser open on the device where they gave you permission to send them push.

With webpush you can send ordinary campaigns but also send automated notifications – like abandoned cart, product interest, welcome – through the browser. This means you have a direct line to your customers even is they’ve left your online shop.


SPORT 24 is having great success with webpush

For the Danish sport outlet SPORT 24 webpush has been a great investment. In only seven days the cost was covered. They use it for both lead generation and winback:

“We were very excited about whether or not our customers would receive push notifications well. Our expectations have been exceeded by far – not least with the abandoned cart automation. We’re getting conversion to purchase of 6.5%, and that’s despite the recipients having left their baskets. It’s a channel that has come to stay. Especially due to the many possibilities to use data across the different channels.”  Says René Iversen, Loyalty manager at SPORT 24.


“It’s exceeded all expectations. Not least the abandoned cart automations. Here we see a conversion to purchases as high as 6,5% – even though the recipients have left their basket online.”

René Iversen, Loyalty manager at SPORT 24.


Examples of Heypush automation flows

  • Abandoned cart
  • Winback
  • Product interest
  • Category interest

All you need to make automation flows with Heypush are data. Data that are collected in your Heyloyalty account.

With the combination of the push mechanics and the data in Heyloyalty you can send campaign and automations based on your customers’ behaviour. This means both onsite and how they conduct themselves in your newsletters – and even if you have a real store (you only need an integration).


This is what is in store for you with Heypush

Plenty of the Heyloyalty users are seeing great returns from the investment in webpush. These are just some of the results.

  • Welcome CTR – 11,7%
  • Abandoned cart CTR – 14,7%
  • Abandoned cart conversion rate – 7,5%
  • Winback CTR – 13,1%


Get started with Heypush

If you want to know more about Heypush – or want to know how your business can benefit from it, you’re more than welcome to call Heyloyalty.

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