The New Arnsbo Group

A brief talk with Søren Arnsbo and Carsten Hjorth Pedersen

To strengthen the company’s position on a developing global market, Arnsbo Media is changing its name to become Arnsbo Group.

 After more than two decades of successfully running Arnsbo Media, it’s time to level up. A name change, a new visual identity and an increased focus on strategy are the first steps to strengthen the company’s position on the global market. With the upcoming adjustments, founder and chairman Søren Arnsbo and CEO Carsten Hjorth Pedersen aim to raise the bar for their business.

“The future holds high ambitions for the new Arnsbo Group. From now on, we are leaving the typical Danish modesty behind and we will allow ourselves and our employees to think bigger,” says Carsten Hjorth Pedersen.

Some of the big thoughts are already becoming reality. The two partners have already put up some very progressive growth goals for the new business constellation. They want to at least double their business within the next four years.

“We’ve had steady growth and profit for many years, and we have always been self-funded, but now it’s time to press the accelerator if we want to play in the top league and to our potential. With our new strategy and growth plan, we are therefore open to looking in new directions for external funding for some of our companies,” tells Søren Arnsbo.

Do What You Do Best!

Besides the internal changes and the ambitious goals, Arnsbo Group is also facing an external makeover where the Nordic virtues are playing a greater role in the company’s rebranding process. Classic Scandinavian qualities such as simplicity, minimalism and straightforwardness are core values in the new identity of Arnsbo Group, and they will all help the company stand out from its international competitors.

“Our Nordic DNA is what distinguishes us from the numerous Silicon Valley companies. We believe in the principle of less is more, and we would rather under-promise and over-deliver than fake it till we make it,” Carsten Hjorth Pedersen explains.

Though the company is facing some changes, the offered services will remain the same. Tailored voice-over services, personalised video solutions and marketing automation are still to be found in the business portfolio and, if anything, Søren Arnsbo believes that the company transformation will only boost the interdisciplinary cooperation.

“It all comes to down to focus and doing what you do best. We want to work more efficiently and create greater synergies between our portfolio companies, so that we can offer an even better full-package service to both present and future customers,” he ends.

With an ambitious strategy and a brand-new identity in place, Arnsbo Group is ready to welcome new as well as existing customers.


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